Broadband Procurement Made Easy

Work Efficiently With Broadband Providers (ISPs)

Simplify the process to procure and manage broadband for your business. Efficient management of ISP relationships and a permanent cloud-based repository of your services/account data eliminates your headaches so you can turn to managing other more value adding aspects of your business.

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What will WEWISPS do for you?

  • Help research ISP options nationwide.
  • Get quotes from multiple ISPs.
  • Manage multiple transactions simultaneously.
  • Provide a permanent repository of your services data .
  • Provide your team access to your data from anywhere.
  • Save you time, make broadband management easy.
  • Use WEWISPS if you like it. No contracts necessary.

Enjoy the Benefits

Simplify ISP Management

Procuring and managing broadband for your multi-facility, nationally-distributed organization can be complex and time-consuming. We can help you work with multiple ISPs to research broadband availability and pricing, to place orders, to stay on top of installation and construction logistics, and to manage the installed account. Benefits are real even with one location; with multiple locations under procurement, they multiply significantly.

Problems Addressed

How WEWISPS Benefits You

  • Get the best deal for your business
  • Save hours per procurement
  • Never lose data and account info
  • Access from anywhere
  • Ease of use
  • Transactional, no contracts
  • Minimize unnecessary human dialog
WEWISPS Benefits

How Things Get Done

  • You create a account
  • Enter a location address or upload a spreadsheet of all addresses into WEWISPS
  • Initiate procurement for any location by the click of a button
  • Review responses from prospective ISPs and choose the best option
  • Continue managing the procurement (survey, construction, install) from within the WEWISPS workflow.
  • Manage the installed service through its lifecycle, right from within WEWISPS.

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