Compare and Save on Business Broadband Costs. Eliminate procurement, management, operations problems.


Save Money. Save Time. Save Effort.

When opening a new location or managing your existing services, you can choose to do what you have always done: calling one or more ISP reps, identifying yourself, repeating the same information over and over, being interrupted with their questions and calls, and dividing your attention to coordinate survey and installation visits.

All of this is a drain on your time.

WEWISPS (Work Efficiently With ISPs) offers an alternative that enables you to focus on getting your business up and running faster.


  • Research ISP options nationwide.
  • Get quotes from multiple ISPs.
  • Maintain a permanent repository of your services data.
  • Request repairs, account changes and support at the touch of a button.
  • Manage multiple transactions simultaneously.
  • Always have current information, status updates at your fingertips.
  • Get better prices and a better service experience.

Broadband Problems confronting businesses

Procuring New Services

  • Finding ISPs who can service US addresses.
  • Eliminating communication bottlenecks between you, ISPs, building owners, property managers or landlords caused by address complexities, construction issues, permitting and other problems.
  • Tracking renegotiated costs and modified contracts.
  • Scheduling and tracking pre-wire and installation visits.
  • Keeping a team of colleagues in sync with accuracy.

Managing Existing Services

  • Not being able to quickly answer Field questions like who is my isp, what is the phone number to call, what is my account number/PIN/login creds/secret.
  • Playing the phone transfer game between between business support and residential support, between regions or sub-regions and even states.
  • Finding knowledgeable ISP reps who can handle your specific query.

WEWISPS eliminates these problems for you

  • A structured dialog for both ISPs and Customers
  • No need for tons of emails and phone calls
  • Automatic saving of requests and responses
  • Access to all major national ISPs
  • Action items, status and services data accessible from anywhere
  • Time and effort savings for every single location
  • Significant reduction in complexity when managing multiple overlapping procurements
  • 24x7 Monitoring of all procured circuits (coming shortly)
  • ISP Services Billing Management (coming shortly)

What does WEWISPS do for Businesses


  • Get the best deal - shop multiple national ISPs
  • Eliminate wasted time - estimated 10-15 hours per procurement
  • Create a permanent record of communication and service data
  • Enable access to data in the field
  • Reduce installation delays caused by incomplete communication
  • Reduce service downtime


  • Ease of use
  • No data duplication or retyping
  • No contracts necessary
  • All requests, responses, notifications through email and on WEWISPS
  • Work with your existing ISP Reps, Account teams

Working with WEWISPS

The WEWISPS Environment

A brief Description of WEWISPS environment for potential users.

Contextual Help

Within the application, there is (?) button (top right) that provides contextual help with that page's content. It describes the fields, what they are used for and what inputs are needed for users unfamiliar with the domain.

WEWISPS User Interface

Review the SelectedScreenshots pdf to understand the WEWISPS UI.


To the left of the Help button is the Support button. WEWISPS Support is here to address your questions.

The WEWISPS "Pulling Your Hair" Blog

The WEWISPS blog is a case study series depicting contrasting approaches in broadband procurement and management.

Episode 1 - Procurement

Episode 2 - (Completed Transaction Log) Services

Broadband Procurement Services (BPS)

  • Shop multiple national ISPs
  • Get Quotes
  • Proceed through a completed procurement
  • Internet, TV, Phone
  • Commercial or Enterprise class

Broadband Management Services (BMS)

  • Manage outages, service and billing changes
  • Currently, WEWISPS employees do this for you
  • In discussions with ISPs to make this automatic at the click of a button.

Broadband Services Data Management (BSDM)

  • After a service is procured, the transaction and services data can be downloaded and managed away from WEWISPS
  • If you choose to manage your services through WEWISPS (above), WEWISPS needs to retain your services data Service Modes

Do It Yourself (DIY)

WEWISPS is easy to learn. You can become an expert on WEWISPS services in no time. This is the DIY mode.

The DIY mode is not currently available for BMS.

WEWISPS Outsourced Mode

Choose, on a case by case basis, to have WEWISPS procure and manage your services for you.

WEWISPS Enterprise Accounts

WEWISPS is a transactional service, i.e. you purchase one or more WEWISPS credits as necessary for a transaction, no monthly fees or long term contracts necessary. However, we can accommodate Enterprise accounts if you prefer using enterprise invoicing processes. Pricing

Broadband Procurement Service (per transaction) 99 149
Broadband Management Service (per transaction) NA 65
Broadband Services Data Management (annual fee per location) 30 30
Onboarding tbd (*)
(*) varies with the number of locations