What is it

WEWISPS enables you to efficiently procure and manage broadband services (internet, TV, phone) for your business locations.


WEWISPS has a cloud based workflow that has built in all the intelligence needed for a business services procurement. You work within WEWISPS using simple dropdowns, data once entered never has to be retyped.

ISP Providers

WEWISPS partners with major national providers who are represented by Reps that can procure for you nationally. Client location addresses are matched to Rep territories; the matched Reps are shown to you, you can select which Reps you want quotes from. All responses are automatically recorded in WEWISPS.

Use Cases

  1. Simplify procurement of services for new locations (locations w no services)
  2. Compare existing services to what is available in the market today
  3. Manage services, existing and newly procured


  1. Typical 10-15 hour procurement reduces to 30 mins of elapsed time.
  2. Huge reduction in communication overhead and errors
  3. Permanent repository of communication and installation data
  4. Sharing status with colleagues and clients
  5. Manage multiple transactions simultaneously with clarity

Business Model

  1. Transactional, pay when you use a service
  2. No contracts required

Per Transaction Cost

Varies by transaction - $65 - $100

Next Steps

  1. Call if you have a question
  2. Create a free account in WEWISPS
  3. Take WEWISPS for a free test drive

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