Case Study Series in Broadband Procurement

Pulling Your Hair Out, Episode 1.

On your task list for today, "procure broadband for Springfield before IT shows up for the network install". Based on conversations with IT professionals, here is what happens next. (Aggregators and ISP account team issues described in a future episode.)

  1. You look online for 'Internet Services for Springfield'.
  2. Wading through ads and search results you narrow your search to 3-4 providers.
  3. You can now fill out a lengthy form and wait for a callback. Or you chat with a bot who claims to understand you as well as a human but actually doesn't. Or you explain your needs to a person at the end of a toll free number only to be told you that you reached residential services and that they need to transfer you.
  4. If the call didn't drop during the transfer and you did reach a sales rep, you get to tell them your details, company information, your information, the new address, the services needed.
  5. Often, depending on your location, they need to dig deeper to let you know if they can provide services for your location. They promise to call you back. By day 3, you have forgotten who was supposed to do what.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 with as many ISPs as you wish until you feel the need to rinse.

Congratulations, you have just lost half a day. If you aren’t pulling your hair out daily, you aren’t procuring broadband for your company.

The WEWISPS Solution

Broadband procurement made easy.

    With the WEWISPS workflow, you will accomplish within minutes what took you hours to do. You waste no time and you have the information you need at your fingertips. All without any hair loss.

Welcome to the WEWISPS Case Study series – a study of problems and contrasting solutions in the area of broadband procurement and management. We hope to amuse and inform. Please connect with us for future episodes. If a colleague of yours may be interested in this, we are happy to send them a link on your behalf.