Case Study Series in Broadband Procurement

Pulling Your Hair Out, Episode 2.

Business broadband services procurements are complex. Not just in locating and communicating with the right ISP Reps, (Episode 1), but all complexities described below are known to happen.

  1. If a location is part of a greenfield development, the address provided by your developer may not match ISP databases.
  2. One or more physical surveys and site visits by an ISP engineer may be needed.
  3. Surveys may point out the need for construction that range from a changed tap location, inside wiring change, complex trenching, concrete work, aerial wiring, and other complications.
  4. Construction permits may be required and winter freezes may introduce delays waiting for a thaw.
  5. Construction costs sharing needs to be negotiated with customers, perhaps with a modified contract.
  6. Construction completion is followed by pre-wiring visits; often separate ones for Internet, TV and/or Phone services.
  7. The pre-wire is followed by Installation visits and equipment turn-on. Often problems with earlier work are noticed only at this stage, necessitating rework.
  8. Finally, there are the issues of creating an account, making billing and payment arrangements, recording account #s and other relevant data for future use.

Most procurements are faced with unanticipated problems that cause unexpected delays. Without good communication and shared workflow, it is difficult to make good decisions and keep team members informed. WEWISPS is designed (see Completed Transaction Log) to keep your procurement on track.

The WEWISPS Solution

Broadband procurement made easy.

    With the WEWISPS workflow, you will accomplish within minutes what took you hours to do. You waste no time and you have the information you need at your fingertips. All without any hair loss.

Welcome to the WEWISPS Case Study series – a study of problems and contrasting solutions in the area of broadband procurement and management. We hope to amuse and inform. Please connect with us for future episodes. If a colleague of yours may be interested in this, we are happy to send them a link on your behalf.