How Things Get Done

This section provides an high level overview to using the WEWISPS application.

WEWISPS Environment

WEWISPS is designed to solve the issues businesses face in procuring and managing services for their location/s. The business can be a single location office or may be a multi-site office or may be a chain of stores distributed all over the US. An employee of the business (aka Company) registers the business with WEWISPS. This employee (User) is the primary contact in WEWISPS for all communication/approvals needed for procurement.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and their Representatives (reps) provide the supply side of the equation. The Reps whose capabilities and territory match your request will use WEWISPS to provide quotes, order management and track your orders to completion.

How a Business works with WEWIPS

Once the Company WEWISPS account has been created, the User can add locations into the WEWISPS system, either one at a time or by simply uploading a spreadsheet that matches the WEWISPS template. At this time the user may also create/update two profiles in the system. One profile is for WEWISPS defining how you wish to work with WEWISPS. The other profile is your standard profile for ISPs - all your service accounts will be provided this same data.

Note that you can either create the two profiles upfront or you can create them as and when necessary during a procurement. Any new data will be saved to the company profile when you first provide it.

Once the account and the profiles are created, the company can upload a list of locations or add one or more locations to its account manually. These show up in the Inactive Accounts list. Clicking the Quote Request button for a location initiates the broadband procurement function of the site and moves the location to the "in Procurement" category. When any service is installed, the location moves to the "Installed" category. Please note that RFQ button against an Installed location, allows you to procure additional services for the location.

Working with ISPs and Reps

When you request a quote for a specific location, WEWISPS matches the request to all ISPs that could potentially fulfill the request based on their territories and their capabilities. You can select which reps you want to see the quote request - the RFQ will go out only to those Reps.

WEWISPS has relationships with all major national ISPs and we expect that the set of ISP Reps can, collectively and competitively, provide coverage across the entire US.

If you have a specific set of Reps and/or ISP account teams that you work with, you can invite them to add their profile to WEWISPS. Once they do this, you can continue to use your Reps and still take advantage of the manageability and the ease of use that WEWISPS provides.

Business Colleagues in WEWISPS

Generally there is only one Company Account Manager for a business who will be the manager of the Company's WEWISPS account. However, any typical business will likely have multiple people interacting with WEWISPS. Each such person is a WEWISPS User. Each WEWISPS user including the Company Account Manager has an account on WEWISPS and can perform ALL WEWISPS functions including ordering services and buying WEWISPS credits.

In addition, you can add other contacts from your company to WEWISPS. If you have specific people responsible for billing, technical support, construction or on-site contacts, you can create those contacts in WEWISPS. These users will generally not be users of WEWISPS but you can select these contacts from drop and drag menus when the ISP Reps need to have their contact information.

Working with intrep-id™ in WEWISPS

WEWISPS is focused on making things easy for ISP Reps and our customers. WEWISPS is designed to eliminate rekeying of data, and minimize unstructured dialog by working with dropdowns and predefined values. Our tool intrep-id™ is an innovative step in this direction. There are many applications for intrep-id™ facilitated data exchange, in WEWISPS we use for two purposes.

The ServicePlan intrep-id™ for ISP Reps enables the Reps to select the plan they wish to offer a customer from their myriad plans, and to transmit that information to WEWISPS in a single file upload. They never have to retype this data over and over again for multiple customers.

The CreditCard intrep-id™ for Customers enables you to transact purchases of WEWISPS credits quickly and easily, transmitting credit card related data to WEWISPS in a single file upload. Customers should note that WEWISPS will never store your credit card or other personal data on its servers and that your data is purged after the transaction is completed. As long as we enable you to use intrep-id™ to provide us this data in a single click, you will get your work done quickly and with the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that your data is safe where it belongs, with you.

WEWISPS has test pages where the ISP Reps and Customers can create and test their intrep-id™.

Learn more about intrep-id™.