WEWISPS Services

WEWISPS currently offers the following services.

Procurement Services

WEWISPS Procurement Service makes it easy for a business to request broadband services for their location/s. The broadband services that can be sourced are Internet service (commercial or enterprise class), TV and Phone. All major national ISPs are represented and we continue to add more. All data and workflow regarding this procurement is automated and managed for your convenience. At the end of the procurement, you download all the data about the procurement, and if you prefer, you can delete this transaction from WEWISPs.

We will soon add cellular and fixed mobile services to the service offerings that can be sourced using WEWISPS.

Management Services

WEWISPS Management Services make it easy for a business to request ongoing management (upgrade, cancel, move, change) of their broadband services. Each activity represents one management activity and requires the use of one managment service credit. In the initial stages of our launch, all Management activities are provided in the WEWISPS outsourced mode.

We are involved in discussions with ISPS to create a framework for automating this function.

Data Retention Services

WEWISPS Data Retention Services are necessary to manage the installed broadband services. Upon a successful install, customers can a) download their ISP account data and remove the location, or b) retain this data on WEWISPS servers for future access and use. WEWISPS Data Retention services are used to retain and manage customer broadband data so its available when its needed. Note that the cost of the Data Retention services is the same in the DIY and the WEWISPS modes (described below) as the service is the same.

Onboarding Services

If you are currently managing your broadband circuits yourself and wish to take advantage of WEWISPS capabilities, you can send us your huddled data. We will liberate it so you can manage it on WEWISPS going forward. As a part of this activity, we will clean the data and work with ISPs to fill in any missing pieces. Please contact customer-support@wewisps.com for next steps.

WEWISPS Service Business Models

WEWISPS Outsourced Services

There are two ways in which you can use WEWISPS. It is easy to learn how to procure and manage your broadband services within WEWISPS. You may choose to use this Do It Yourself (DIY) mode. Alternately, if you prefer, you can let WEWISPS experts do it for you in the WEWISPS Outsourced (WEWISPS) mode. We can work with your ISPs for procurement and ongoing management functions on your behalf. Either way all WEWISPS benefits accrue to your broadband management function.

Enterprise Accounts

WEWISPS is a transactional service, i.e. you purchase one or more WEWISPS credits as necessary for a transaction, no monthly fees or long term contracts necessary. However, we can accommodate Enterprise accounts if you prefer using enterprise invoicing processes.