WEWISPS Services use a transactional business model. Each use of the WEWISPS™ system, a procurement or a management activity for a single location is considered a transaction. All transactions are paid for by Services credits purchased prior to initiating a service. You may procure multiple services in a single transaction (i.e. TV and Internet); from a billing perspective, it counts as a single transaction. If you initiate a procurement for one service today and another service tomorrow for the same location, these count as separate transactions, requiring the use of 2 credits.

Per Transaction Service Costs

The table below shows the pricing for WEWISPS services in the DIY and WEWISPS Outsourced mode. Note that Data Retention is identical for the two modes, and that DIY is currently unavailable for Circuit/Service Management. For a limited time, the first two procurements are on us, every new customer will automatically get 2 credits to start their procurements.

Circuit/Service Procurement 99 149
Circuit/Service Management NA 65
Data Retention (annual per location) 30 30
Onboarding tbd (*)
(*) varies with the number of locations