Be Intrepid on the web

This section provides an high level overview of the intrep-id™ tool. We call it "intrepid" as in "do you support intrepids on your website".

What is intrep-id™

intrep-id™ is new technology that enables you to conduct business on the web fearlessly. It is a new way of communicating your data to the party you are doing business with

Instead of requiring your constant personal engagement with a site/service, much of your interaction will be driven by messages, leaving you free to do business on your terms.

How Do I Work with intrep-id™

intrep-id™ is a small text file that contains a part of your individual identity as structured data. When needed, you can provide this data to a business partner in a single click. You keep the data on your computer, you can encrypt, decrypt, edit and change the data. When you wish to provide it an accepting business partner, you simply upload the file to the business partner, verify the data is correct and submit it. Done!

Note that businesses don't need to store your data if you use intrep-id™. They are expected to delete the transferred data after consuming it; however this policy cannot be enforced by intrep-id™.

There are many applications of intrep-id™. Within WEWISPS we use it for two specific purposes. One is for WEWISPS ISP Rep Partners, the other is for WEWISPS Customers.

intrep-id™ for ISP Reps

ISP Reps will generally have a large number of plans they have to deal with. The attributes of these plans will vary with the product, the term and other parameters. When services are requested, the ISP Reps will match the service requirements to a specific plan and upload the "Service Plan intrep-id™" for that particular service plan to WEWISPS. In a single click the plan data is loaded for review by customers. In general, it is not expected that the service-plan-intrep-id™ will be encrypted or secured.

intrep-id™ for WEWISPS Customers

WEWISPS customers need to purchase credits from WEWISPS in order to use our services to procure and manage broadband. WEWISPS design is centered around minimizing customer data capture. WEWISPS accepts credit cards, makes the requested charges and the purges the data. This data exchange is safe and secure for you and the chances of misuse of your data because it was stored on our systems is nil.

This does create a problem for our customers that causes them to retype their credit card data each time they wish make a purchase transaction within WEWISPS. WEWISPS mitigates this problem by enabling you to create a "credit card intrep-id™" that stores your CC information on your computer. When paying for a purchase on WEWISPS, you simply look up the specific intrep-id™ and upload it to the WEWISPS site. When the information is displayed, you can verify it for correctness and click submit.

By default, before sending you a CC intrep-id™, WEWISPS will encrypt it with some information supplied by you in your profile. When you upload the CC intrep-id™ for a transaction, WEWISPS will decrypt the information using the same key. This implies that you will not be able to open up CC intrep-id™ on your computer unless you download our encryption app and know the key to provide. However you can always create/modify/verify the CC intrep-id™ content on this page below.

What You Get with intrep-id™

The biggest benefit of intrep-id™ is that over time, you get thousands of hours of your life back by eliminating the need to:

  • create online accounts
  • remember a thousand username/password pairs
  • fill out forms
  • reenter the same data repeatedly with every similar provider
  • be tethered to your phone with your provider to get things done
  • wonder what the provider is going to with your data
  • worry about hackers publishing your data on the dark web
  • deal with intermediaries you do not need

Create and Test Your intrep-id™

Create and test your intrep-id™ here. Create dummy ids if you wish. Feel free to create unencrypted ones that you can store/view as a text file on your computer. Create encrypted ones when you are comfortable with the process.

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