How WEWISPS Benefits You

WEWISPS' cloud-based workflow encapsulates all aspects of services management, eliminates redundancy, duplication and process mistakes, and standardizes the communication between you and the ISP so nothing gets dropped. WEWISPS significantly reduces communication delays and errors, installation delays, services downtime and creates a permanent record of your transaction data for future needs. WEWISPS today provides the complete workflow for procuring broadband services. WEWISPS personnel can also help you manage the installed circuits today - fully automatic DIY management coming shortly. In short succession thereof, WEWISPS will also provide network monitoring and analysis services, as also account payments and single billing solutions.

Get the best deal

WEWISPS directs your quote requests to multiple ISPs . Our ISP partners are national brands whose Reps specify into WEWISPs the services they provide and the geographies they serve. All Reps that match your needs receive your RFQ. You select the best/most appropriate response for your business as you see fit.

If you like your existing Account teams and Reps, you can enjoy the WEWISPS process benefits by inviting them to join WEWISPS as your ISP contacts.

Save time

WEWISPS directs all the relevant location data to the ISPs so you don't have to call multiple reps from multiple ISPs and having to repeat yourself. WEWISPS streamlined processes help you throughout the procurement.

Never lose data

The entire transaction history is automatically recorded in your account. Whether you wish to check a bill, or perform a company wide audit of your services, you never lose track of price quotes, terms, installation date or any other ISP relevant data for your locations.

Cloud-based data

In contrast to being locked up in a spreadsheet on someone's laptop, the account data is universally available to all your staff who have access. Multiple users can be chosen as users of your company account with traceability of every action to the user who initiates it.

Ease of use

Simple to understand and simple to work, the WEWISPS platform hides all the complexity when it is not necessary. Information is sought only when necessary, no one need do any duplicate keying, no one needs to be responsible for transferring information from emails into spreadsheets. All data is available to you when you need it.

No contracts necessary

WEWISPS is a transactional system - services are paid for as they are used. Contracts are not required. We can also accommodate Enterprise accounts if you prefer to do business differently.

Minimize wasted time by minimizing unnecessary human interaction

WEWISPS largely automates the collection and distribution of data to one or more service providers to authenticate you, to validate the request and to service it. WEWISPS secure messaging relieves you of the need to be connected to them on the phone. You are notified as your request is completed or responded to. Of course, you can contact service providers when needed; however, you can be confident that WEWISPS’ built-in intelligence enables the most efficient handling of your standard requests.