Broadband Management Complexity

Conceptually, Broadband Management seems like a simple task. Pick up the phone, dial an 800 number, get a knowledgeable rep (sales, techsupport, billing agent), explain your problem, get a resolution.

In practice, it is anything but. Some of the few issues:

  • Finding ISPs who can service the address without spending a good deal of effort in tracking and evaluating responses.
  • Address complexities for newer communities, ISP construction, permitting etc significant communication complexity between customers, ISPs, building owners, property managers or landlords.
  • Construction necessitates a renegotiation of costs leading to contract modification.
  • Installations often require pre-wire visits necessitating additional back and forth.
  • Keeping a team of colleagues informed without introducing channel noise is not a small task.
  • Locating answers in the field for service/repair action to questions like who is my isp, what is the phone number to call, what is my account number/PIN/login creds/secret.
  • Playing the phone transfer game between between business support and residential support, between regions or sub-regions and even states.
  • Finding the right people at the other end who can handle your specific query.

For all of these interactions, you must remain tethered to the phone with them.

Standardized Cloud-based workflow that addresses these issues

WEWISPS provides:

  • A standard structured cloud-based workflow for both ISPs and Customers
  • Customer requests and ISP responses are automatically recorded
  • 24x7 Monitoring of all procured circuits (coming shortly)
  • ISP Services Billing Management (coming shortly)
  • A representation of all major national ISPs
  • An instantiation of existing processes for business broadband procurement and management
  • Cloud-based workflow accessible from anywhere
  • Utility for even a single location business in saving time and effort
  • Significant reduction in complexity when managing multiple procurements simulataneously leading to significant savings in time, effort and frustration